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TSB Issues Safety Advisory on Challenger II AULA

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada wishes to inform you that a safety advisory (A18O0106-D1-A1) has been issued to your organization. The safety advisory identifies the failure of attachment brackets securing wing lift struts and spars on the Quad City Challenger II Advanced Ultralight aircraft.

We encourage your organization to review the attached safety advisory and respond by taking necessary actions.

If you have any questions concerning the above-noted subject, you may contact Mr. JP Regnier (Senior Investigator) or Ms. Natacha Van Themsche (Director of Investigations – Air). Contact information is provided in the advisory.


Jean-Pierre Regnier

A link to the Safety Advisory can be found here.

FAA Issues Cease and Desist Order on Ameri-King ELTs

No.: 2016-2013NM460018
Date: 1 March, 2016

All articles manufactured, sold, or distributed by Ameri-King Corporation (Corp.) for installation on type certificated products. This applies to Ameri-King Corp. parts and articles including:
Ameri-King Corp. Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) articles:
Global Positioning System (GPS) Navigation Switching Annunciator Panel: AK-950
GPS Cooling Fan: AK-950-F1, AK-950-F2, AK-950-F3, AK-950-F4, AK-950-F5
Radio Frequency Interface (RFI) Direct Current (DC) Filters: AK-950-FTR, AK-950-FTR1
Ameri-King Corp. Technical Standard Order Authorization (TSOA) articles:
Automatic Pressure Altitude Digitizer Equipment (Altitude Encoder): AK-350
Airborne Static (“DC to DC”) Electrical Power Converter: AK-550 Series, AK-551 Series
Emergency Locator Transmitter Equipment: AK-450 Series, AK-451 Series
Lithium Batteries: 450010 Series

This notification is to advise all aircraft owners, operators, manufacturers, maintenance organizations, parts suppliers, and distributors regarding the unapproved status of Ameri-King Corp. parts and articles.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has determined Ameri-King Corp., located at 17881 Sampson Lane, Huntington Beach CA 92648, manufactured, sold or distributed parts and articles for installation on FAA type certificated aircraft, which did not conform to an approved design, but were represented as FAA approved. On December 28, 2015, the FAA issued an emergency cease and desist order to Ameri-King Corp., terminating their TSOA and PMA. The emergency cease and desist order required Ameri-King Corp. to immediately cease and desist manufacturing, selling, and distributing any parts and articles for installation on FAA type certificated aircraft. Prohibited activities also include advertising, repairing, rebuilding, and altering any articles intended for installation on type certificated products.
It appears Ameri-King Corp. may be continuing to produce parts and articles represented as TSOA or PMA approved despite the emergency cease and desist order. Any parts and articles produced by Ameri-King Corp. after December 28, 2015, were produced without an FAA production approval.

FAA regulations require that type certificated products conform to their type design. Aircraft owners, operators, manufacturers, maintenance organizations, parts suppliers and distributors are encouraged to inspect their aircraft and/or aircraft parts inventory for subject parts and articles produced by Ameri-King Corp. Those parts and articles produced or shipped after issuance of the cease and desist order are not FAA approved. If the subject parts and articles are found installed in a type certificated aircraft, it is recommended they be removed. If the parts and articles are found in inventory, it is recommended these parts and articles not be sold or distributed for installation on any type-certificated product.

Based on the investigation that led to the issuance of the emergency cease and desist order, the FAA is not confident parts and articles manufactured by Ameri-King Corp. prior to December 28, 2015, were manufactured in accordance with approved design. The FAA will continue to evaluate the continued operational safety of these parts and articles and may issue an Airworthiness Directive to address any unsafe condition(s).
Further information concerning this unapproved parts notification can be obtained from the contacts noted below. In addition to the above recommendation, the FAA would appreciate any information concerning the discovery of the referenced Ameri-King Corp. parts and articles from any source, the means used to identify the source, and the actions taken to remove the parts and articles from aircraft and/or inventories.
This notice originated from the FAA Los Angeles Manufacturing Inspection District Office, 3960 Paramount Blvd., Lakewood, CA 90712, Telephone (562) 627-5291, Fax (562) 627-5293. Contact this office for manufacturing, supplier or distributor related questions.
For aircraft owner, operator or maintenance organization related questions, contact the FAA Seattle Flight Standards District Office (FSDO), 1601 Lind Ave SW, Renton, WA 98057, Telephone (425) 227-2829, FAX (425) 227-1200.
UPN# 2016-2013NM460018


Stirling Ultralights in Ontario is no longer an authorized dealer for Just Highlander aircraft. The CADORs show recent Highlander occurrences including one in which aileron cables were rigged oppositely, and another in which a thermoplastic elbow in the cooling system failed.

The new dealer is Jack Leroux

Algonquin Highland Aviation, 
P.O. Box 1264, 
Barry's Bay, ON.  613-639-3053

Vans Aircraft Service/safety Notice has a notice about possible cracks in the rear elevator spars, and inspection is to be performed before next flight. The bulletin comprises eight pages including illustrations. Here is the first page:
BULLETIN 14-02-05
Date Released: February 5, 2014
Date Effective: February 5, 2014
Subject: Cracking in elevator spar web near elevator attach points.
Affected Models: All RV-3, 4, 6/6A, 7/7A, 8/8A Flying aircraft
Required Action: Inspect for cracks as described in this document. Stop-Drill cracks (if present) then apply E-00001A and E-00001B Hinge Doubler fix as required to cracked elevator hinge positions. RV-3,4 and 6/6A customers will need to fabricate their own doublers using E-00001A and E-00001B as a guideline.
Time of Compliance: Inspect before further flight.
- If no cracks are detected, re-inspect at every annual condition inspection or until E-00001A or E-00001B Hinge Doubler repair has been installed.
- If cracks are detected, the E-00001A and E-00001B Hinge Doubler repair must be installed at the cracked hinge position before further flight.
Supersedes Notice: SB14-02-03
Cracks have been found near the rivets attaching the nutplates that hold the elevator rod ends to the E-702 Spar and E-610PP or E-611PP Spar Reinforcement Plates. See Figure 1, Figure 2 and corresponding elevator assembly plans pages.
Method of Compliance:
NOTE: Installation of this service bulletin as preventative maintenance is not recommended. If cracking has occurred at an outboard hinge position, install a doubler only at that position.

Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Alert

Transport Canada has issued an important safety alert regarding Self-Locking Nuts, and it affects anybody who owns, operates, maintains or manufactures aircraft. To read the document in its entirety, click here.


Member George Opacic writes:
"When Ben lived in Sechelt, he did a series of interviews of Ayliffe “Pat” Carey.  Pat was a respected pioneer aviator who started flying in Chilliwack, then did bush flying from the 1930s to 1972 around northern BC, the Prairies and NWT. He ended his flying carrier after his first bad accident in August of 1972.  It was reported in the Lethbridge newspaper.  He had flown for a few of the important first airlines in western Canada.
"We are looking for original pictures that could be used in the book, and any direct incidences that people may have had with him.  Of course, all attributions will be noted in the book."
Contact George or Ben at

New Company Takes Over Full-Lotus Floats

After almost ten years in the aircraft float business, the maker of Full-Lotus floats recently decided to focus on production of its non-aviation products. All the design rights, inventory and production tooling for the Full-Lotus float line have now been sold to Aircraft Floats Manufacturing, Inc.

Aircraft Floats Manufacturing, Inc. (AFM) will continue producing the standard line of Full-Lotus floats; it already has a large inventory and has started deliveries of floats as well as replacement parts for maintenance and repairs to existing owners. The company will soon start introducing type-specific rigging instructions for a variety of popular aircraft designs, something not previously offered by Full-Lotus.

AFM’s new production facilities are located on the Huronia Airport (CYEE) in Midland, Ontario, next to Zenair Limited, the well-known kit aircraft manufacturer. As part of its mission to offer comprehensive solutions for a full range of non-certified aircraft applications, AFM is currently also negotiating with Zenair to distribute the kit-maker’s high-performance aluminum Floats.

For more information on AFM and its float offerings, see or call 705-526-4537. The company can be reached by e-mail at

Tiger Moth Restoration Blog

Jill Oakes of the Winnipeg chapter has started a blog on the restoration of a Tiger moth. To track the progress, check it out at:

Fuel Price Tracking Website

Member Rob Prior of Chapter 85 (Vancouver) has set up a new website to track fuel prices. So far, he's only listed Vancouver's Lower Mainland, but if you have any information on prices in your area, let him know, and he'll put it up on the site. Rob may be reached here and the new website's URL is

Important Jabiru Service Bulletin

Click Here for and extensive service bulleting requiring attention to the attachment of the flywheel to the crankshaft on Jabiru engines. It is from the RA Australia website.

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