Technical Articles

One of the RAA's mandates is to provide technical information to builders. In this way we hope to empower members, promoting safety and good practice in building and maintaining their aircraft. Simply click on the link below to access these articles.

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Sticking Valves

Power Plant Inspections

Self Locking Nuts and Bolts

Sand Blasting Cabinet

Circuit Breakers

ECI Cylinder AD, Part 1

ECI Cylinder AD, Part 2

Cutting Acrylic Windshields

Canopy Tips for RV Builders

Fuel Tank Modifications

Angle of Attack Meter

Soup Can Separator

Leading Edge Vacuum Forming

Cotter Pins

Pegazair Flaperon Jig

Testing Rivet Strength


Do You Do Your Own Maintenance?

Spark Plug Helicoil Repair

Testing for Alcohol

Aircraft Dollies

Accelerated Tire Test

Homebuilder's Engine Hoist

Static Check

Engine Preheater

RV-10 Nosegear

Cutting holes in Aluminum Skins

Wheel Alignment

Cleco Cleanup

Easy Removal of Pulled Rivets

Compsites and Pre Preg

Basic Panel Planning

Hard Starting Rotax

Riveted Joints Part 1

Revited Joints Part 2

Vacuum Bagging

Airspeed and Angle of Attack

Control Cables 101

Altimeter Tune-up

Control Panels