The joy of flight should be accessible to as many people as possible. Flying can be an expensive pastime, but doesn’t have to be. The Recreational Aircraft Association is a made-in-Canada organization dedicated to the promotion of flying as a hobby for ordinary Canadians. RAAC members are people who love to fly and love to build! The RAA exists to bring these people together, enhancing the safety and satisfaction of those who want to own an airplane without having to sell their houses in the process.

The Recreational Aircraft Association represents builders and flyers to Transport Canada and works with government to assure the concerns of builders and flyers are heard.
Amateur-built aircraft are inspected for safety during their construction by government designated inspectors and are built to a strict code of airworthiness standards before being certified as safe to fly.

Builders of aircraft reap many savings denied the owners of certified aircraft as they can perform routine maintenance and many other service related issues that can add dramatically to the cost of aircraft ownership. Building an airplane may seem a daunting prospect but the skills required are not beyond the average person.

Who We Are

RAA Canada is the only aviation organization that works with Transport Canada exclusively on non certified category aircraft, and provides representation to you in Ottawa and in your own province. Our representatives attend Ottawa meetings to ensure that regulations remain favourable to our chosen means of aviating. We interface between the pilot/builder and Transport Canada, MD-RA Inspection Services, Enforcement, and other government bodies.

We are all volunteers and we are the only organization working on your behalf to ensure the freedom to build and fly non certified aircraft in Canada. Regulations change slowly and anyone may read them online, but the interpretations can change significantly with far-reaching effects. RAA National members are kept apprised in a timely manner in our Recreational Flyer magazine, on our www.raa.ca website, in our email forums, and by personal phone call or email.

RAA Canada has chapters across Canada and at no charge provides insurance coverage of $5 million for all RAA events across the country.

MD-RA looking for Inspectors

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